Call In Support for Climate Change Legislation on June 22, 2015

On June 23, over 900 volunteers from Citizens’ Climate Lobby will be in Washington, DC lobbying their members of Congress to support legislation to address global warming. These volunteers are traveling from all across the US on their own dime to make the case for what they see as the best first step to a stable climate and a livable world, a revenue-neutral carbon tax (a tax placed on CO2 emissions that would return the revenue to American households as a monthly rebate check).

This effort will leave a bigger mark with your help. Citizens’ Climate Lobby is asking people concerned about the climate to share that concern with their members of Congress on June 22, and to express their desire for serious Congressional action on climate. We hope this will accomplish two goals:
1. Calls will send a message about how many people in their district care about the climate.
2. It will focus their attention on the issue, increasing the chances that our volunteers will be able to break through in their meetings the next day.

What to Say: The message can be short and simple. For example:

Hi, My name is ________ and Iâ??m calling from _________. Iâ??d like to leave a message for [Congress(wo)man/Senator]  __________. Iâ??m very concerned about global warming because [_________________]. Congress needs to do something about this, and Iâ??d like to see [Congress(wo)man/Senator]___________________ support legislation that prices greenhouse gas emissions. Can you give [him/her] my message?


Hi, my name is             and I’m a constituent from              .  I’m very worried about global warming and would like Senator/Representative             to treat this as an urgent issue and start working on serious legislation to fix this problem. Thank you.

You can find the phone numbers for your senators and representatives here: .

Your support is greatly appreciated and will truly have an impact!

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