Welcome to Randall & Associates Publishing

Technical Writing and Publication Services: Food Safety & Pest Control

Founded in 2011, Randall & Associates Publishing, LLC specializes in natural science publications related to entomology, public health, environmental health, biology, plant pathology, and forestry.  Our associates include professionals with advanced degrees in these areas and years of practical real-world experience.  Most of our publications are geared toward the pest control and food safety industries but we are branching out into other fields.
Our Products and Services include:
  • Publishing.
  • Proofreading and editing.
  • Writing technical materials.
  • Spanish translation.
  • Exam writing.
  • Grant writing.
  • Developing curriculum for food safety, public health, urban integrated pest management (IPM), pesticide applicator training, etc.
  • Offering courses and training for pesticide applicator certification, food safety inspection, urban and community IPM and more.
At Randall & Associates Publishing, we have the flexibility and expertise to produce technical manuals and publications from various disciplines.  By working with authors one-on-one, we provide publications specifically tailored to your needs.  Contact us to learn more or to see a sample author contract.  Also, check out our Products and Services.